Black Hills Area Decorative Artists
2016 Officers and Contact Information
Newsletter Editor Janae. 341-6005
Memory Box Program – Pat K and Bonnie E
Membership - Luann B
Public Relations - Karol 
Ways & Means – Linda H, Romy 
Decorative Painting Month – Ways & Means
Wild Bills – Kimber
Fall Seminar - Luanne T
Spring Retreat 2016 – Bonnie, Evie
Webmaster & Facebook – Jo Ann 
Christmas Exchange - Peggy
Hospitality - Mary
Historian - Janae
Parliamentarian - Linda K 

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BHADA Hostess of 2017
January 21th Linda H. & Romy
February 18th Janae & Luann B.
March 18th - open
April 22-23rdSpring Seminar Everyone
May - Connie and Linda K
June 17thLuanne T. and Maggie
July 15thSpearfish Members 
August 19th- Betty and Rita
September 15-17thFall Seminar Everyone
October 21thBunco Party Everyone bring cookies
November 18thEvie H., Deb C. & Vicky H.
December 16thChristmas Party Everyone

BHADA Monthly Programs 2017

January 21 everyone 
February 18th Pat K. Memory Box
March 18thBunco Paintingand Easter Egg exchange
April 22-23Spring Retreat
May 20 - Linda K - table favors for Bunco
June 17th- Peggy
July 15thSpearfish Arts in the Park
August 19th- Bonnie
September 15-17thFall Seminar
October 21 Bunco Party
November 18th Jo Ann C. and vote on slate of officers
December 16thChristmas Exchange and installation of New Officers

BHADA Officers for 2017 

  President Connie Mather
  Vice President Luann Brownson
  Secretary Deb Clark
  Treasurer Pat Kennison